In memory of Zev Shalev 1950-2010

Zev Shalev ז”ל was a dear friend, regular contributor and professional advisor to Buy-It In Israel.   For more than twenty-five years Zev was a residential space planner, primarily, although not exclusively, for the English speaking, observant community in Israel and abroad.  His fields of specialization were creative space utilization in general, and planning kitchens and bathrooms in particular.

Born in New York in 1950, Zev made Aliyah in the early seventies.   He passed away suddenly on Sunday April 4, chol hamoed Pesach 5960 just weeks before his 60th birthday.  To his hundreds of satisfied clients in Israel and across the world, Zev is remembered as a knowledgeable, practical, honest and entertaining designer who was able to take any space and make it “work”, but most importantly Zev is remembered as true Mensh.  Zev thoroughly enjoyed his work and loved helping his clients make the most out of their homes.

Zev’s unique style, extensive experience and fantastic personality were a winning combination which is why he was so successful in his career and how he built up his business on word-of-mouth recommendations. Zev’s passing created a tremendous void for Israel home buyers and home owners which has been difficult to fill. At Buy-It In Israel, we are grateful and honored to have had Zev write articles for us through which we know his vibrant and colorful personality will continue to touch our readers and influence many homes in Israel.