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Why Haifa Real Estate?


Haifa, Israel’s third largest city, is considered the capital of northern Israel, a gateway to the Galilee, and home to over a quarter of a million longtime residents living among new immigrants from Russia, Ethiopia and other European countries. The city is built on the fertile slopes of Mount Carmel, whose name in Hebrew means vineyard, and overlooks the Mediterranean Sea stretching along beautiful beaches. This mountain is one of the greenest parts of Israel and local and visiting hikers and bicyclists can enjoy the trails and vistas of the 21-acre Carmel National Park.

The city is split over three levels, the lowest which includes the port of Haifa and the center of commerce and industry.  The middle level located on the slopes of Mount Carmel is a residential area encompassing the neighborhoods of Neve Shaanan, Kiryat Eliezer and Kiryat Shmuel, a largely religious neighborhood. The top level is home to mostly modern residential neighborhoods with breathtaking views of Rosh Hanikra and the western Galilee.

Haifa is also a center for educational excellence hosting two first-class universities, the Technion-Israel, which is the Institute of Technology and the University of Haifa along with four teacher-training colleges. Its cultural and social life is served by museums, theaters, concert halls, sports and recreation venues, restaurants, shopping malls and fine hotels, as well as the world renowned Haifa International Film Festival, the Haifa English Theatre and Haifa Folk Dance groups.

Haifa’s Jewish population is mainly of secular character. In 2006, about 3% of the population were haredi and 67% were secular.

The city of Haifa has 18 twin cities, including Marseille in France, Newcastle in the UK, Cape Town in South Africa, in addition to two cities with friendship agreements, which are Boston in the USA and Mannheim in Germany.


Haifa is at the forefront of the Israeli and international high-tech R&D and manufacturing industries home to the oldest and largest high-tech parks, an industrial port and a petroleum refinery. The Matam high-tech industrial park at the southern entrance to the city is home to international companies including Intel, Microsoft, Philips, Elbit and Amdocs. Furthermore the city’s harbor serves as Israel’s main seaport for incoming and outgoing cargo.


Haifa offers direct train connections to Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion International Airport, with regular stops along the way at Nahariya, Akko, to Beer Sheva and the rest of the country. Haifa is the only city in Israel with an underground railway system, the Carmelit, and a cable car to the top of Mount Carmel.


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