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Ma’aleh Adumim located close to Jerusalem was founded as a settlement by 23 pioneer families on the seventh night of Hannukka in 1975 and received city status governed by an independent municipality in 1991. The name of the city Ma’aleh Adumim comes from the book of Joshua (Chapter 15, verses 6-18), in which Ma’aleh Adumim is described as a border area between the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. In recent years the population featuring a mixture of new immigrants, veteran immigrants, and generations-old Israelis, in the Jewish city has been growing gradually counting over 36,500 residents in 2009. The city plans to reach a population of 50,000. Ma’aleh Adumim is one of the three cities that run the Community Aliyah Project for North American Olim, providing additional benefits in rent subsidy, ulpan, tutoring, employment, and general assistance.

One of the neighborhoods in the city with a high percentage of Anglos is Mitzpe Nevo, a modern Orthodox neighborhood, which has a Yeshivat Hesder, medical facilities, and shopping facilities of its own.

The city prides itself for its numerous educational facilities since a large portion of Ma’ale Adumim’s budget is spent on education. There are 14 schools and 5,793 students in the city, although several more have been added in the last few years. Ma’ale Adumim has 10 elementary schools with 3,524 elementary school students, and 7 high schools with 2,269 high school students. Schools offer after-school programs, class trips, and tutoring. A special program has been developed for new immigrant children. Additional resources are invested in special education and classes for gifted children, including a special after-school program for honors students in science and math.

Maale Adumim real estate


Many Maaleh Adumim residents work in Jerusalem. Others work in the local industrial zone Mishor Adumim, or commute to other cities such as Tel Aviv for work. The Adumim industrial park, Ma’ale Adumim’s industrial area, is located on the road from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, about 10 minutes from the capital, on a crossroads connecting the central region to the Galilee and northern Israel and to Eilat and southern Israel. The park currently includes approximately 170 industrial plants and businesses in numerous industries: commerce, vehicle licensing institute, garages, food, textile, construction materials, aluminum, metals, printing and more.


The city is located along Highway 1, which connects it to Jerusalem as a freeway and the Tel Aviv area.

In January 2003 a new three-kilometer road connecting Ma’ale Adumim westward to Jerusalem was officially opened. The road features two 550-meter tunnels that run under the campus of Hebrew University on Mount Scopus.

The new highway allows residents of Ma’ale Adumim, and other Jewish towns located on the Jerusalem-Jericho highway, to reach Ramat Eshkol in the capital in under ten minutes. The 320-million shekel project is one of Israel’s largest public works projects.


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