Zichron Ya’akov

Zichron Yaakov real estate

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Why Zichron Yaakov real estate?


Zichron Ya’acov is a beautiful and popular town, which was established by Baron Edmond James de Rothschild in 1883 in honor of his late father Ya’acov. The picturesque town situated 170 meters above sea level overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is located 35 kilometers south of Haifa and about 60 kilometers north of Tel Aviv.

The population of Zichron Yaakov is a combination of veteran settlers and new immigrants boasting many upscale private homes that have been built by families attracted to the scenic surroundings turning the area into one of the most desirable residential areas in Israel. Relative to the size of the town, which has about 18,000 inhabitants, Zichron Ya’acov is considered as one of the locations in Israel with the highest percentage of English-speaking new immigrants, who represent about 15 percent of the population. In recent years, a religious community has developed in the town offering a wide range of educational institutions, including Yeshivat Ohr Yaakov that was established by Ohr Somayach, which attracts English-speaking students from all over the world, and a Chabad Lubavitch community.

Zichron Yaakov real estate

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The charming town on the southern hills of the Carmel mountains is the home of the first winery in Israel the “Carmel Winery” and other wineries thanks to grapes that grow in the area and produces the wine sold throughout the country and the world. The town’s historic center city center offering cafes, restaurants and shops and its closeness to the coast and natural beauty has made it a popular vacation area among Israelis, new immigrants and tourists. In 2008 plans were announced to further develop the centre of the town from the main pedestrian way through the wine path, down towards the Carmel Winery.


Located in the middle of a wine growing and agricultural region, employment is still found in agriculture. The majority of work opportunities are found in neighbouring cities such as Haifa or Netanya, which boast large industrial parks where the major international and local high-tech and technology companies have representative offices and research & development centers.


Zichron Ya’acov is located close to the Highway 2 road connecting to major cities in the country from Haifa further north to Tel Aviv further south.

The Israel Railways is running trains from major cities to Binyamina train station, which is 10 minutes away from Zichron Ya’acov. National bus services are available to Haifa, Tel Aviv, as well as, Jerusalem. Within the town there are no local bus services operating.

Zichron Yaakov real estate

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Local community webiste http://www.zy1882.co.il/eng/

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