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New homes for sale through a purchase group in Israel

Purchase Groups – an alternative way to purchase an apartment in Israel

Building an apartment as part of a purchase group in Israel is a popular and less expensive way than buying a new apartment through a developer. But with potential savings up to 20% of the apartment price, this route bears a greater risk and the Government is now considering tightening regulations to protect purchasers. Increasing... Read more
Israel Housing Minister Mortgage in Israel | How much can I borrow to buy a home in Israel

How much can I borrow to buy a home in Israel?

One of the most commonly asked questions by people seeking to buy a home in Israel is “how much can I borrow?” The response to this question is twofold and can best be answered by asking two further questions: 1. What is the value of the property you are buying? First-time buyers who are residents... Read more
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Mabat HaShuk: Real estate transactions in Israel — August 2020

The following is a selection of real estate deals that were recently transacted in Israel. This gives our readers a general idea of the residential market and the activity taking place around the country. Jerusalem: A 6-room villa, 178 sqm on 4 floors, located on Yair Street, Baka, was sold for NIS 5,950,000 (Jackie Bitensky... Read more
green building in Israel

Green building in Israel will become mandatory from March 2022

The Green Building Standard has existed in Israel for 15 years but, until now, it has been non-compulsory. In 2013, several wealthy cities in central Israel began obligating building contractors to adopt green standards and regulations. Last week, the Interior Minister signed the official standard, and within a year and a half green building in... Read more
property in Israel

Where in Israel can you buy an apartment for a million shekels or less?

Despite the high cost of housing in Israel, it is possible to find apartments for a million shekels or less in most cities, including the most desired city of Jerusalem, as well as some parts of the expensive Gush Dan region. In Haifa and Be’er Sheva, you can even buy an apartment for three to four hundred thousand shekels. Buyitinisrael went to ten cities to see what you could buy for a million shekels or less. Read more
Apartments in Netanya Property prices in israel private estate in Israel Mas Rechisha

Purchase tax in Israel: Updated thresholds in August 2020

Israel Tax Authority has published new thresholds for Mas Rechisha according to the Central Bureau of Statistics Prices of Dwellings Index for 2019. Mas Rechisha is an acquisition tax, or purchase tax, that a buyer is obligated to pay upon purchasing real estate in Israel. Once a contract is signed, a self-assessment must be filed with the Israel tax authorities, and paid in full, within 60 days. Read more