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Tama 38 Israel

Urban Renewal in Israel — Part 2: “Tama 38”

Israel is located on a seismically-active fault line known as the Syrian African Rift and the possibility of earthquakes of high magnitudes pose a threat to millions of people and their property – in the region. To experts in the field, it is not a question of will there be an earthquake, but rather when... Read more
Types of homes in Israel Buiding permits and planning permission in Israel

Building rights and permits in Israel

Many foreign residents purchasing real estate in Israel are surprised by the prevalence of illegal extensions to the apartments they view prior to finding the property they will ultimately purchase. This phenomenon has its roots in many different factors, including the complicated and drawn out process for obtaining building rights and permits in Israel; the costs involved which can... Read more
Urban renewal in Israel

Urban Renewal in Israel — Part 1: “Pinui Binui”

Urban renewal in Israel generates new, creative construction in preexisting built-up areas. The scarcity of land for new construction in Israel and the subsequent housing shortage throughout the country led the Government fourteen years ago to develop this innovative solution. There are two main schemes for urban renewal projects. The first is known as pinui-binui (evacuation and construction) and the... Read more
Mortgage in Israel

Taking a Mortgage in Israel

The most commonly question asked by people seeking a mortgage in Israel is “how much money can I borrow?”. The response to this question is twofold and can best be answered by asking two further questions: 1. What is the value of the property you are buying? Israeli first-time buyers can get up to 75% of... Read more
Real estate investment in Israel Real estate appraisal Israel

Real estate appraisal services in Israel

A real estate appraisal is highly recommended before entering into any real estate transaction in Israel.   Buying or selling a property or investing in real estate in Israel is a complex process and it is recommended to engage in comprehensive checks in an effort to unveil the characteristics of the property, uncover unanticipated “surprises”... Read more
new projects in Israel

Choosing a new project in Israel — 10 factors to consider

You've decided to buy a property in Israel, and you even know where in Israel you want to buy. You checked out the various new projects that are being marketed and narrowed down the search to three or four developments. Each one sounds pretty much the same as the other, “5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, storage room and two covered parking spaces”, so how in the world do you decide which new project in Israel is right for you? Read more
Multiple listing israel

Real estate agents in Israel

Despite the multitude of websites and social media platforms offering endless information on properties for sale and new projects, many people still choose to work with a real estate agent in Israel. Much of the information on the web is either in Hebrew, is out-of-date, and/or is displayed in a disorganized fashion and buyers, especially foreigners, prefer to hire... Read more
The costs of buying a new home in Israel

The true cost of buying a home in Israel

When clients come to me with a specified budget for buying a new home in Israel, I promptly inform them that they should reduce that budget by at least 5-10% because of the various fees and expenses that they will likley incur during the purchase process. There are generally 12 additional items to take into account: Read more