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Municipal Tax in Israel

Arnona: How the Municipal Property Tax in Israel Works

The municipal property tax in Israel, known as “Arnona,” is levied by the local authorities in order to finance their activities and services. It is calculated according to a variety of parameters, including the purpose of the building, its size, the socio-economic status of the neighborhood, and more. These variables can result in an enormous... Read more
non residents buying in Israel Purchase Tax in Israel | Mas Rechisha

Purchase tax in Israel: Updated thresholds in August 2020

Israel Tax Authority has published new thresholds for Mas Rechisha according to the Central Bureau of Statistics Prices of Dwellings Index for 2019. Mas Rechisha is an acquisition tax, or purchase tax, that a buyer is obligated to pay upon purchasing real estate in Israel. Once a contract is signed, a self-assessment must be filed with the Israel tax authorities, and paid in full, within 60 days. Read more
UK tax on property in Israell US tax real estate in Israel

Investing in real estate in Israel — tax implications for Americans

Americans wishing to invest in residential real estate in Israel should consider both the US and the Israeli tax implications of their investment. While Israel imposes different taxes on foreign investment in Israeli real estate, the US has a policy of taxing its citizens on worldwide income and reserves the right to disregard most provisions... Read more
Tama 38 Israel

Urban Renewal in Israel — Part 2: “Tama 38”

Israel is located on a seismically-active fault line known as the Syrian African Rift and the possibility of earthquakes of high magnitudes pose a threat to millions of people and their property – in the region. To experts in the field, it is not a question of will there be an earthquake, but rather when... Read more
Capital gains tax in israel

Capital gains tax in Israel: Understanding the recent changes in mas shevach

In a concerted effort to bring down prices in the residential real estate market, the Israeli Government has recently implemented a number of reforms in the regulations connected to real estate transaction taxes (purchase tax and capital gains tax in Israel). While most professionals in the field would agree that the reforms have not achieved... Read more
VAT in Israel

VAT in Israel lowered to 17%—good news for homebuyers

As the government decided yesterday to lower the value-added-tax rate (VAT) in Israel by 1% from 18% to 17%, local and overseas homebuyers in the process of planning to purchase a new apartment in Israel are able to moderately reduce some of the cost involved. When buying a property in Israel, VAT is included in the price of... Read more