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Mortgage in Israel | How much can I borrow to buy a home in Israel

How much can I borrow to buy a home in Israel?

One of the most commonly asked questions by people seeking to buy a home in Israel is “how much can I borrow to buy a home in Israel?” The response to this question is twofold and can best be answered by asking two further questions: 1. What is the value of the property you are... Read more
mortgage in israel financing a home in Israel

10 most important things to know about financing a home in Israel

Mortgages in Israel are different from those in other countries. Buyers and investors from outside of Israel should be aware of certain important factors before beginning the process of financing a property purchase.   One of the very first steps a prudent prospective buyer of Israeli real estate will do is gather information regarding the available... Read more
Coronavirus and Israeli mortgages

Coronavirus: How it’s impacting the Israeli mortgage market

The COVID-19 pandemic is still raging strong. Nobody knows with any certainty if we, in Israel, are in the beginning, the middle, or towards the end of this ordeal. These are treacherous unchartered waters and it is unclear what the effects on the financial markets will be in the long term. While we are all... Read more
mortgages in Israel

Mortgage rates in Israel — understanding the options available

In Israel, there are a large number of different mortgage options, rates, and tracks available to home-buyers.  Rates can be variable, fixed, or semi-fixed; loans may be linked to an index, and banks can lend in various different currencies. These choices can be confusing especially to foreigners who are familiar with completely different mortgage offerings... Read more
Madad Consumer Price Index

Madad, Housing Index and Building Cost Index in Israel

The Madad, which is the Hebrew for Consumer Price Index (CPI) or rate of inflation, is followed very closely by Israelis since movements in the monthly index affect nearly every aspect in life from salaries, mortgages, housing, transportation costs or prices of fruit and vegetables, and other expenses. In brief, a number of very important income and other expense items of every household are linked fully or partially to monthly or quarterly inflation. Read more