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quality of construction in Israel

Is there any guarantee on the quality of construction in my new home in Israel?

When someone purchases a new apartment or an apartment “off-plan”, a question that often arises is how does the purchaser guarantee the quality of construction after taking possession? The Sales Law, with the primary objective to protect buyers against negligent builders, makes the prospect of buying a new apartment in Israel, a more secure exercise.... Read more
Real estate appraisal Israel

Real estate appraisal services in Israel

A real estate appraisal is highly recommended before entering into any real estate transaction in Israel.   Buying or selling a property or investing in real estate in Israel is a complex process and it is recommended to engage in comprehensive checks in an effort to unveil the characteristics of the property, uncover unanticipated “surprises”... Read more
Buiding permits and planning permission in Israel

Building rights and permits in Israel

Many foreign residents purchasing real estate in Israel are surprised by the prevalence of illegal extensions to the apartments they view prior to finding the property they will ultimately purchase. This phenomenon has its roots in many different factors, including the complicated and drawn out process for obtaining building rights and permits in Israel; the costs involved which can... Read more
Capital gains tax in israel

Capital gains tax in Israel: Understanding the recent changes in mas shevach

In a concerted effort to bring down prices in the residential real estate market, the Israeli Government has recently implemented a number of reforms in the regulations connected to real estate transaction taxes (purchase tax and capital gains tax in Israel). While most professionals in the field would agree that the reforms have not achieved... Read more
Land registration and ownership in Israel

Warranties of the Builder on Newly Constructed Homes

In an attempt to settle some of the confusion surrounding the warranties associated with new construction, a goal of this article is to provide the reader with some basic knowledge about the warranties that a Kablan is obligated to provide to a purchaser of new construction which are primarily set forth in the Sales Law (Apartments), 5733-1973 and the addendums thereto. Read more