New Project Consulting

A complex array of new projects and developments


At Buy-It in Israel, we recognize the challenges of sifting through the various new projects in Israel, finding the right property, and negotiating a good deal. ‘New Project Consulting’ is a unique and unparalleled service that could save you hours of time, thousands of shekels and provide you with information and market intelligence that you would not receive anywhere else.

Exposure to hundreds of new projects in Israel

Tell us which area/s you are interested in, your requirements, preferences and budget and we will identify and present the relevant new projects in Israel that meet your unique parameters. With strong links to construction companies and developers across the country, we involve ourselves in ongoing market research and receive constant updates on new projects and developments throughout Israel.

Understand what you’re buying off-plan

Our goal is to help you understand the differences between the various projects available, and recognise the pros and cons of each one. We want you to be mindful of the product you are buying and aware of the alternatives that are available. We carefully guide you through the plans, specifications and features of each project and create a comparative analysis that allows you to narrow down your search and “home in” on the property that is most suitable for you.

Save time, money and energy

Once you have decided what property you want, we work diligently on your behalf, aiming consistently to negotiate the best price possible and close the deal. Through our extensive experience, wide industry connections and expert negotiation skills we will save you hours of time, thousands of shekels and provide you with information and market intelligence that you would not receive anywhere else.

We speak your language

Dealing with sales representatives in a foreign language can be a daunting and frustrating experience. We are native English-speakers and fluent in Hebrew. We understand the culture and behavior of both buyers and sellers which enables us to bridge the language and cultural gaps that often cause misunderstandings in cross-border transactions.

Independent and impartial service, with integrity

We are independent consultants and act on your behalf at all times. We do not exclusively represent any construction companies or builders — our only interest is to serve you, the buyer.

A one-stop shop for all your needs

Our job is not over when you find the right home. In association with our professional partners, we ensure that all your needs are taken care of, from legal matters to tax advice, to appraisal and mortgage arrangements. In addition, we provide project management services through a seamless integration of service providers in order to meet the challenges of building a new home in Israel.

Client satisfaction is paramount

Our fees include the investigative work, consultations, negotiations, and co-ordination through closing the deal and signing the contract on your new home*. We have many satisfied clients from all over the world who say that our Project Consulting service is invaluable, and that they would never have bought a new home in Israel if it were not for us.

* We do not carry out legal work. We highly recommend you hire a lawyer to review the contract and legal paperwork, deal with all legal issues pertaining to the purchase and carry out negotiations on the legal aspects of the contract.


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