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Israel urban renewal plan proposed to replace TAMA 38
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Green building in Israel will become mandatory from March 2022

The Green Building Standard has existed in Israel for 15 years but, until now, it has been non-compulsory. In 2013, several wealthy cities in central Israel began obligating building contractors to adopt green standards and regulations. Last week, the Interior Minister signed the official standard, and within a year and a half green building in...

Residential real estate in Israel to benefit from excess office space
Housing Policy

Stuck with huge amounts of office space – Government plans to convert some of it into residential real estate in Israel

Vast construction of huge office towers in central Israel over the past few years has resulted in excess supply in areas that, currently, no one needs. The government is initiating a move to convert large-scale office space into residential real estate in Israel; however, the plan has received widespread criticism by local municipalities. While Buyitinisrael...

mechir lemishtaken new homes in israel
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Mechir LeMishtaken: What does it mean for Foreign Buyers?

Considering the high cost of housing in Israel and the difficulty for many people – mostly young couples – to buy a home, Israel’s Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon, together with the Ministry of Construction & Housing, introduced the “Mechir Lemishtaken” (Buyer’s Price) scheme in 2016, to generate affordable housing and to slow down the escalation...

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