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How much do I need to buy a home in Israel?

In this episode of ‘On the House’, we kick off the third season, focusing on the financial aspects of buying a home in Israel. The aim is to equip listeners with comprehensive knowledge to make informed decisions in their property-buying journey. With guest Nadav Ellison, co-founder of Blue & White Finance, Debbie tackles the frequently asked question, ‘How much money is needed to buy a home in Israel?’ Nadav provides a detailed overview of home prices associated with different regions in Israel and offers key insights, including understanding how to calculate your down payment, additional costs such as purchase tax and legal fees, and strategic mortgage planning. Nadav also discusses the feasibility of owning versus renting property given current market conditions and offers practical steps for financial planning when saving for or investing in Israeli real estate.

Nadav can be reached via WhatsApp or the Blue & White Finance website.

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