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Price of homes in Israel
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Why are homes in Israel so expensive?

A shortage of housing, an excessive amount of regulations, inefficient transportation systems, and a belief that prices will never come down. Why the cost of homes in Israel is so high. Anyone who takes a look at Israel real estate will quickly learn that homes in Israel are expensive. Extremely expensive. The average price of...

Jerusalem real estate
Market News

Purchasing behavior of foreign residents has changed with more off-plan transactions and record interest in Jerusalem real estate, Tzafed, and Kiryat Malachi

According to data published by the Ministry of Finance, since the outbreak of Covid-19, Jerusalem’s popularity among foreign residents has taken off, as more than half of the apartments recently purchased by them have been in this area. At the same time, interest in Tel Aviv, which in the past was a significant focus area...

dollar against the shekel
Mortgages & Finance

A stronger dollar against the shekel makes buying real estate in Israel easier but is not the only reason for an increase in non-resident purchases

After several consecutive weeks of the US dollar weakening, the trend has changed, and the dollar has begun to strengthen against the shekel. Real estate and finance professionals working with overseas buyers confirm that there has recently been an increase in interest among foreign buyers citing the increase in the strength of the dollar as...

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Israeli housing crisis
real estate bubble in Tel Aviv
Lod real estate
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