May 2023 deals Mabat HaShuk A new reality on the Israeli “home front” — Mabat Hashuk May 2023
The month of May was marked by one question: have the various players in the Israeli housing market come to terms with the new rules of the game that are expected to accompany it for at least two if not three years to come? Have buyers internalized and reconciled with the end of the era…
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damage to homes Law & Taxation Tax Authority to compensate for damage incurred to homes during Operation Shield and Arrow
Israeli homeowners Market News As interest rates continue to rise, Israeli homeowners are downgrading their homes
April 2023 deals Mabat HaShuk Home prices are finally falling — Mabat Hashuk April 2023
home prices in 2023 Market News A combination of difficult circumstances is expected to bring down home prices in 2023
reduced-cost housing Housing Policy Rising criticism of the government’s reduced-cost housing programs, discounts are expected to decrease
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housing market in israel Market News The Ten Plagues of the Housing Market in Israel
New construction Market News 2022 saw record-breaking new construction but ended with a sharp slowdown
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Judicial Reform Law & Taxation The effect of the judicial reform bill on the Israeli real estate market
Adam Street Mabat HaShuk Mabat HaShuk February 2023
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purchase in the current climate Investment Insights 5 good reasons to purchase a home in Israel in the current economic climate