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Kivunei Avir: Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

When buying a home in Israel, one of the first items to consider is the direction of exposures (kivunei avir). As with most issues in Israel, everyone has a strong opinion about which exposures are preferable. But before we talk about opinions, let’s look at some facts: The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Presuming there is nothing blocking your window, you will get morning sun in the east and afternoon sun in the west.... Read more
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Could Israel’s periphery become more attractive for real estate investors?

A look at the Government’s latest proposals to encourage new construction and settlement in Israel’s peripheral regions. Could investment in these areas become more attractive? The pronouncements by Minister of Construction and Housing Ya’acov Litzman in recent weeks regarding measures he is planning, which would spur construction of residential housing in Israel’s outlying regions, have... Read more
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Mabat HaShuk: Recently sold and rented homes in Israel

The following  is a selection of real estate deals that have recently closed in Israel. The idea is to give our readers a general idea of the market and activities taking place around the country. Netanya: A 4-room apartment, 101 sqm located on floor 4 out of 7, with no balcony, on Rishon Lezion Street... Read more

The Fascinating Roles of the Interior Designer in Israel

Interior designers have a luxurious, perhaps even frivolous reputation. A service reserved for the rich and famous indulging in renovating their mansion. More often than not, when moving into a new home or doing a much-needed home renovation, hiring a designer seems like an unnecessary expense. Your home in Israel may be the fulfillment of... Read more
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10 most important things to know about financing a purchase in Israel

Mortgages in Israel are different from those in other countries. Buyers and investors from outside of Israel should be aware of certain important factors before beginning the process of financing a property purchase.   One of the very first steps a prudent prospective buyer of Israeli real estate will do is gather information regarding the available... Read more
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The way to revive the housing market will be by reducing prices

Home buyers have stopped visiting sales offices and construction companies are dealing with debt.  Yet, despite the turmoil that the housing market is going through as a result of the Coronavirus, developers would still prefer residential to hotels and commercial real estate. Are home prices are falling? Yes, but not for long. With huge debt... Read more