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rental prices in Israel

Rentals in Israel have continued to rise throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

Contrary to initial estimates that rent would drop due to the economic crisis brought on by Covid-19, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published surprising data indicating a steady rise in rental prices in Israel. The cities of Tel Aviv and Ashdod are leading the trend, with an average increase of 3.5% in rental prices... Read more
Municipal Tax in Israel

Arnona: How the Municipal Property Tax in Israel Works

The municipal property tax in Israel, known as “Arnona,” is levied by the local authorities in order to finance their activities and services. It is calculated according to a variety of parameters, including the purpose of the building, its size, the socio-economic status of the neighborhood, and more. These variables can result in an enormous... Read more
Modiin real estate Home in Israel

Why Buy a Home in Israel?

From high returns on investment, profitable income yields, and portfolio diversification, to a range of emotional factors that don’t fit into any financial or investment formula, there are plenty of motivating factors for Jews around the world to want to own property in Israel.  Here are our top 5 reasons to buy your home in Israel:  1. The... Read more
Basement in Israel

12 steps to take before building a basement in Israel

A common trend nowadays in Israel is to build a basement beneath a house. The addition of a basement to an existing property, can provide the owner with a large amount of additiona living area and can also add significantly to the value of the property. However, basement excavations and conversions, carry many regulations and permissions with them. They are each unique and very much depend upon the condition and structural ability of the existing property. Read more
New neighborhoods in Israel buying property in Israel new apartments in Israel

Construction Cost Index: The unspoken additional cost of buying new apartments in Israel

Purchasers of new apartments in Israel, directly from developers, could find themselves paying a significantly higher price than they’d agreed upon when they initially closed the deal. The reason for this comes down to fluctuations in the residential construction cost index, published monthly by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), which estimates changes in construction... Read more
homes in Judea and Samaria

Israel granted approval for the construction of 5,400 homes in Judea and Samaria

Almost all the plans approved are located in settlements characterized by ground-level construction. While many people choose to buy homes in the West Bank for ideological reasons, in recent years, many middle-class buyers seeking a better quality of life for a more affordable price are buying homes in these areas.  With large homes, spacious yards,... Read more
effects of Covid-19 on the property market in Israel

Six effects of Covid-19 on the property market in Israel

So far, one of the most severe economic crises in the history of Israel has barely affected housing prices and has caused a drop of only 5% in apartment sales. However, supply indexes reveal a significant decrease in construction projects, land purchases, and the approval of new building plans, which will likely cause a major... Read more