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Which cities in Israel will be transformed by urban renewal?

A recent analysis found that the vast majority of urban renewal projects in Israel are planned and implemented only in the center of the country — in Tel Aviv and its neighboring cities, where land values justify undertaking such projects. The city expected to have the most extensive urban renewal is Bat Yam, which is... Read more
Home prices in Israel

Will home prices in Israel continue to rise in 2021?

Money is cheap, investment buyers are back, and construction rates are steadily declining. All signs indicate that 2021 will be a year of continued rising home prices in Israel, unless the Covid-19 pandemic changes everything, once again. Anyone who has followed the Israel real estate scene in recent years knows that the residential market is... Read more
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Buying a pre-owned home in Israel: What will our attorney do during the negotiation process?

When purchasing a second-hand home in Israel, it is customary for the purchaser’s attorney to conduct negotiations with the vendor’s attorney by discussion, exchange of correspondence, and drafts of the contract of sale which reflect each party’s concept of how the transaction should be structured. The following is a selection of some of the more critical issues that a purchaser’s attorney will address during the process of a second-hand transaction: Read more
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Urban Renewal Projects: the future of residential construction in Israel

The troubling combination of a shortage of building plots and a rapidly increasing population has led to a steady rise in the number of urban renewal projects in Israel over the past decade. Today, 20% of all new residential projects in Israel are either the demolition of old structures followed by new construction in its... Read more
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