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One simple move before signing on a real estate transaction in Israel that can save a lot of heartache and aggravation

Two recent rulings dealt with serious deception in residential real estate transactions in Israel. Although the homebuyers finally received compensation, it took many years of heartache and struggle, and in each case, a saga could have been avoided — In this article, Buyitinisrael brings to your attention pitfalls to be avoided when purchasing a home...

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Purchase Tax Update: New thresholds in January 2023

Every year, during the month of January, Israel Tax Authority publishes new thresholds for Mas Rechisha (Purchase Tax in Israel) according to the Central Bureau of Statistics Home Prices Index for the previous year. The Mas Rechisha or Purchase Tax thresholds are updated annually, in mid-January, with consideration for the Home Prices Index of the...

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An unpredictable market – Mabat HaShuk December 2022

During December, the Israel real estate market continued to behave in the enigmatic manner that has characterized it for the past six months, with a  particularly low number of transactions while home prices continue to rise. For the first time since 2010, the annual rate of increase has crossed the 20% mark. Last month, the...

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Support for the periphery, construction in Judea and Samaria, and a new ultra-Orthodox city —the housing policy of the new government

A new government was launched last week, in which all the key positions in the housing sector were appointed to ultra-Orthodox or right-wing nationalist representatives. The first published coalition agreement between the Likud and Torah Judaism includes a series of clauses that benefits the ultra-Orthodox population and that may delay the construction of the Gush...

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