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Real estate in Israel in April 2021 — prices continue to climb

The economy has reopened, kids are back at school, masks have been removed in outdoor places, and hope abounds that Corona is finally behind us. With that, homebuyers are rushing to buy homes like there’s no tomorrow. Israeli agents relay stories of buyers that are paying asking prices with no negotiations, closing deals without inspections...

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Should I buy a new build or pre-owned home in Israel?

Almost anyone purchasing a home in Israel faces the same dilemma between buying a brand new apartment versus a second-hand home. On the one hand, the new, modern design and finish of a new build, the price, the payment terms, and the potential for greater appreciation in value may be attractive, while on the other...

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Are American buyers flooding Tel Aviv’s property market?

Data from the Israeli Ministry of Finance shows there was a sharp 50% drop in apartment purchases by foreign residents in Tel Aviv, which appears to be in stark contrast to reports in the Wall Street Journal claiming that American buyers are “flooding” the Tel Aviv property market. On the other hand, Jerusalem has seen...

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A new era begins in Israel — the long-term rental market

The rental market in Israel, which until recently was characterized by chaos and a lack of regulation, and ruled by private investors, is finally maturing. In the last few years, the market has become far more sophisticated, with the establishment of a government company to promote long-term rentals and three real estate investment trusts (REITs)...

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