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Mabat HaShuk

Home prices are finally falling — Mabat Hashuk April 2023

A slowdown in the housing market continued through the month of April. During the month, data released regarding the volume of apartment purchases made in February showed a 20-year historic low in the number of transactions, alongside the publication of the first negative house price index in three years, presenting a minor decrease of 0.2%...

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Housing Policy

Rising criticism of the government’s reduced-cost housing programs, discounts are expected to decrease

Eight years after the start of subsidized home purchase programs, the government is expected to reduce the scope of the discount by hundreds of thousands of shekels. Meanwhile, the Knesset and the OECD published critical opinions on the “Target Price” program, accusing it of exacerbating the housing crisis and widening gaps. The government’s subsidized housing...

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The Ten Plagues of the Housing Market in Israel

Prices, bureaucracy, interest rates, and judiciary reform are just some of the issues impacting real estate in Israel. In honor of Passover, Buyitinisrael brings you: The Ten Plagues of the Housing Market in Israel. Next year in your home in Israel! Anyone who has ever attempted to purchase an apartment in Israel knows that this...

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Municipal tax reform rouses strong opposition among municipalities

A distortion in the current property tax system creates a negative incentive for municipalities to build apartments and is considered one of the main obstacles to resolving the housing crisis. A reform in the municipal tax structure seeks to encourage residential development and share commercial property tax revenues between municipalities. The planning and building committee...

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