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How to prepare your home for the rain in Israel

While the Israeli winter is certainly not as harsh and stormy as in Europe or North America, property owners should still carry out a series of precautionary measures in October to prevent water damage and other unpleasant issues come January. These preparations are especially important for those who own private homes or penthouses. Beyond protecting...

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Mabat HaShuk

Holiday Deals: Mabat HaShuk September 2021

The month of September came and went like flash lightning. After an unusual summer with little international travel, few incoming tourists, and many parents homebound with quarantined children, most kids went back to school only for a few days before the high holidays arrived, almost unexpectedly. There was little energy to view properties and little...

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Summer deals
Mabat HaShuk

Summer deals: Mabat HaShuk August 2021

Last month was not the typical August in Israel: Tourist levels were at an all-time low, infection levels hit record highs, Israeli travellers spent days on end in quarantine upon return from abroad, and families with young children were forced to test regularly and limit their activities. As we enter the Holiday season, we mourn...

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