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Mabat HaShuk February 2021 – homes sold in Israel

February was a short month, there was a national lockdown and a three-day Purim, yet real estate business continued as usual. Check out the deals that were closed around the country— follow Mabat Ha’Shuk to get a glimpse of what’s happening in the Israeli housing market. The following is a selection of real estate deals that...

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Is Israel prepared for an earthquake
Housing Policy

16 years after approving a special plan to protect homes from earthquakes — Is Israel prepared for an earthquake?

The national Tama 38 plan promised large-scale reinforcement that would ensure that all of Israel’s old buildings met earthquake resistance standards. In practice, however, the plan has been implemented for only several thousand out of 150,000 buildings in need of reinforcement, and none of these were in the country’s peripheral regions, despite the fact that...

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Dealing with dampness in homes in Israel

Dampness and condensation are probably the most common construction/structural issues found in homes in Israel and can be the cause of serious and expensive problems to repair. If neglected they can dangerously harm a property and seriously affect the quality of life of those who occupy it.  The accumulative damage caused by dampness can result...

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