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Mabat Hashuk August 2022
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Is the tide turning? Mabat Hashuk August 2022

While a dramatic decline in demand for homes was recorded, home prices continued to rise rapidly leaving real estate experts totally stunned. Toward the end of the month, the Bank of Israel raised the interest rates, the sharpest rate of increase in the past 20 years bringing the prime interest rate to 3.5 percent. As...

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Real estate deals of the month — Mabat HaShuk July 2022

July saw tourists flocking back to Israel in numbers that are reminiscent of pre-Covid days. While hotels, sites, and attractions were crowded with foreign visitors, real estate agents servicing international clients also noted significant activity among foreign buyers, many of who are back in Israel for the first time since before Covid. Buyitinisrael has heard...

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