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The costs of buying a new home in Israel
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The true cost of buying a home in Israel

When clients come to me with a specified budget for buying a new home in Israel, I promptly inform them that they should reduce that budget by at least 5-10% because of the various fees and expenses that they will likley incur during the purchase process. There are generally 12 additional items to take into account:

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Shabbat elevators
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Shabbat elevators — laws, costs, and disputes

With the operation of a Shabbat control mode, an elevator will stop automatically on a certain floor and its doors will open, hence allowing users to step in and out without having to press any buttons. Otherwise it would be prohibited to use an elevator on Shabbat because pressing the button to operate the elevator closes a circuit, which violates the prohibition of building on Shabbat, which is considered a form of labor.

Purchasing a home in Israel
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Purchasing a home in Israel: 8 steps to start the process

Despite Israel’s borders being closed to the majority of Jews around the world for most of the last two years, local real estate agents have reported unprecedented levels of interest from buyers overseas. Everyone has their own reasoning: some plan to make Aliyah now or in the future; others need a place to stay for...

Long-term rentals in Israel
Market News

Long-term rentals — a new solution to the Israeli housing crisis

To this day, buying an apartment in Israel is considered a basic rite of passage for most Israeli families. However, steadily rising real estate prices have made purchasing property very difficult, if not impossible, for many, rapidly changing Israel’s housing culture. Real estate developers who have caught on to the changing trend are storming the...

rain in israel
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How to prepare your home for the rain in Israel

While the Israeli winter is certainly not as harsh and stormy as in Europe or North America, property owners should still carry out a series of precautionary measures in October to prevent water damage and other unpleasant issues come January. These preparations are especially important for those who own private homes or penthouses. Beyond protecting...

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