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Should I buy a new build or pre-owned home in Israel?

Almost anyone purchasing a home in Israel faces the same dilemma between buying a brand new apartment versus a second-hand home. On the one hand, the new, modern design and finish of a new build, the price, the payment terms, and the potential for greater appreciation in value may be attractive, while on the other...

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Dealing with dampness in homes in Israel

Dampness and condensation are probably the most common construction/structural issues found in homes in Israel and can be the cause of serious and expensive problems to repair. If neglected they can dangerously harm a property and seriously affect the quality of life of those who occupy it.  The accumulative damage caused by dampness can result...

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Buying a pre-owned home in Israel: What will our attorney do during the negotiation process?

When purchasing a second-hand home in Israel, it is customary for the purchaser’s attorney to conduct negotiations with the vendor’s attorney by discussion, exchange of correspondence, and drafts of the contract of sale which reflect each party’s concept of how the transaction should be structured. The following is a selection of some of the more critical issues that a purchaser’s attorney will address during the process of a second-hand transaction:

The costs of buying a new home in Israel
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The true cost of buying a home in Israel

When clients come to me with a specified budget for buying a new home in Israel, I promptly inform them that they should reduce that budget by at least 5-10% because of the various fees and expenses that they will likley incur during the purchase process. There are generally 12 additional items to take into account:

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