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One simple move before signing on a real estate transaction in Israel that can save a lot of heartache and aggravation

Two recent rulings dealt with serious deception in residential real estate transactions in Israel. Although the homebuyers finally received compensation, it took many years of heartache and struggle, and in each case, a saga could have been avoided — In this article, Buyitinisrael brings to your attention pitfalls to be avoided when purchasing a home...

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Madad Consumer Price Index
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Madad, Housing Index and Building Cost Index in Israel

The Madad, which is the Hebrew for Consumer Price Index (CPI) or rate of inflation, is followed very closely by Israelis since movements in the monthly index affect nearly every aspect in life from salaries, mortgages, housing, transportation costs or prices of fruit and vegetables, and other expenses. In brief, a number of very important income and other expense items of every household are linked fully or partially to monthly or quarterly inflation.

light up your home in Israel
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Chanukah Special: Tips on home lighting in Israel

While the trend of green building has shone a spotlight on the importance of utilizing natural sunlight, technological developments have also made the lighting field more complex, sophisticated, and expensive than ever before. Lighting is arguably one of the most important elements in a home, with the power to directly influence our feelings and experience...

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The costs of buying a new home in Israel
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The true cost of buying a home in Israel

When clients come to me with a specified budget for buying a new home in Israel, I promptly inform them that they should reduce that budget by at least 5-10% because of the various fees and expenses that they will likley incur during the purchase process. There are generally 12 additional items to take into account:

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