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Basement in Israel
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12 steps to take before building a basement in Israel

A common trend nowadays in Israel is to build a basement beneath a house. The addition of a basement to an existing property, can provide the owner with a large amount of additiona living area and can also add significantly to the value of the property. However, basement excavations and conversions, carry many regulations and permissions with them. They are each unique and very much depend upon the condition and structural ability of the existing property.

new apartments in Israel
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Construction Cost Index: The unspoken additional cost of buying new apartments in Israel

Purchasers of new apartments in Israel, directly from developers, could find themselves paying a significantly higher price than they’d agreed upon when they initially closed the deal. The reason for this comes down to fluctuations in the residential construction cost index, published monthly by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), which estimates changes in construction...

Sukkah balcony in home in Israel
purchase groups in Israel
Working with real estate agents in Israel
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Working with real estate agents in Israel

Should I use a real estate agent when buying a home in Israel? How much commission should I expect to pay and what am I signing on the commission agreement? Who can be a real estate agent in Israel? Read the in's and out's of working with real estate agents in Israel.

Mortgage in Israel | How much can I borrow to buy a home in Israel
private estate in Israel
new projects in Israel
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Buying a home in a new project in Israel — 10 factors to consider

You've decided to buy a property in Israel, and you even know where in Israel you want to buy. You checked out the various new projects that are being marketed and narrowed down the search to three or four developments. Each one sounds pretty much the same as the other, “5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, balcony, storage room and two covered parking spaces”, so how in the world do you decide which new project in Israel is right for you?

build pool in Israel
Buying a home in Israel remotely
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