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capital gains tax for foreign residents
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Capital gains tax in israel
Shabbat elevators
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Shabbat elevators — laws, costs, and disputes

With the operation of a Shabbat control mode, an elevator will stop automatically on a certain floor and its doors will open, hence allowing users to step in and out without having to press any buttons. Otherwise it would be prohibited to use an elevator on Shabbat because pressing the button to operate the elevator closes a circuit, which violates the prohibition of building on Shabbat, which is considered a form of labor.

Real estate taxes for foreign residents
Purchase Tax in Israel | Mas Rechisha
Law & Taxation

Purchase Tax Update: New thresholds in January 2022

Every year, during the month of January, Israel Tax Authority publishes new thresholds for Mas Rechisha (Purchase Tax in Israel) according to the Central Bureau of Statistics Home Prices Index for the previous year. The Mas Rechisha or Purchase Tax 2022 thresholds are updated annually, in mid-January, with consideration for the Home Prices Index of...

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