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Buiding permits and planning permission in Israel
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Building rights and permits in Israel

Many foreign residents purchasing real estate in Israel are surprised by the prevalence of illegal extensions to the apartments they view prior to finding the property they will ultimately purchase. This phenomenon has its roots in many different factors, including the complicated and drawn out process for obtaining building rights and permits in Israel; the costs involved which can...

Capital gains tax in israel
Land registration and ownership in Israel
VAT in Israel
Law & Taxation

VAT in Israel lowered to 17%—good news for homebuyers

As the government decided yesterday to lower the value-added-tax rate (VAT) in Israel by 1% from 18% to 17%, local and overseas homebuyers in the process of planning to purchase a new apartment in Israel are able to moderately reduce some of the cost involved. When buying a property in Israel, VAT is included in the price of...

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