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New towers in Israel
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Living the high life— Residential towers in Israel

Historically, apartments in Israel were small, damp and crowded. “Luxury” was a light fixture instead of a bare light bulb. Today, Israelis are working harder than ever throughout the day and into the night. They want their homes to be comfortable spaces to live and work, to reflect their success. Owners can customize apartments to...

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building maintenance in Israel
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Building maintenance and property management costs in Israel

When buying or renting a property in Israel it is important to find out if and how the building is maintained and the magnitude of the fees involved, before signing a contract. In Israel the maintenance or management of an apartment building is determined by a committee of homeowner representatives called Vaad Bayit or building committee.

New Homes in Israel
Types of homes in Israel
Buiding permits and planning permission in Israel
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Building rights and permits in Israel

Many foreign residents purchasing real estate in Israel are surprised by the prevalence of illegal extensions to the apartments they view prior to finding the property they will ultimately purchase. This phenomenon has its roots in many different factors, including the complicated and drawn out process for obtaining building rights and permits in Israel; the costs involved which can...

Measuring tape
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Measurements and dimensions of homes in Israel

When dealing with real estate in Israel, the metric system is the standard system of measurement. The size of a property is recorded as either bruto (gross area) or netto (net area). The bruto includes common space such as elevator shaft, stairwell and area beneath walls. Netto is the actual living space of the property and does not include storage room (machsan), balcony (mirpeset), garden, parking area or garbage room.

In memory of Zev Shalev
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In memory of Zev Shalev 1950-2010

Zev Shalev ז”ל was a dear friend, regular contributor, and professional advisor to Buyitinisrael.   For more than twenty-five years Zev was a residential space planner, primarily, although not exclusively, for the English-speaking, observant community in Israel and abroad.  His fields of specialization were creative space utilization in general, and planning kitchens and bathrooms in particular....

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