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Property prices in israel
Price of homes in Israel
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Why are homes in Israel so expensive?

A shortage of housing, an excessive amount of regulations, inefficient transportation systems, and a belief that prices will never come down. Why the cost of homes in Israel is so high. Anyone who takes a look at Israel real estate will quickly learn that homes in Israel are expensive. Extremely expensive. The average price of...

Buying a home in Israel remotely
Israeli real estate market
Real estate in Kiryat Gat
Investment Insights

Could Israel’s periphery become more attractive for real estate investors?

A look at the Government’s latest proposals to encourage new construction and settlement in Israel’s peripheral regions. Could investment in these areas become more attractive? The pronouncements by Minister of Construction and Housing Ya’acov Litzman in recent weeks regarding measures he is planning, which would spur construction of residential housing in Israel’s outlying regions, have...

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