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Why buy a home in Israel?

From high returns on investment, profitable income yields, and portfolio diversification, to a range of emotional factors that don’t fit into any financial or investment formula, there are plenty of motivating factors for Jews around the world to want to own property in Israel.  Here are our top 5 reasons to buy your home in Israel:  1. The...

effects of Covid-19 on the property market in Israel
Tel Aviv real estate to be impacted by new Metro system
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New Tel Aviv metro system expected to lead to massive increase in building rights and appreciation of Tel Aviv real estate

Plans underway for the establishment of the first metro system in the densely populated Gush Dan region (Tel Aviv metropolis) are expected to stimulate intensive construction, lead to huge increase in the value of Tel Aviv real estate, and reduce severe traffic congestion in the area.    While residents of Tel Aviv and its surrounding areas...

Buy an apartment in Israel for a million shekels
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Where can you buy an apartment in Israel for a million shekels or less?

Despite the high cost of housing in Israel, it is possible to find apartments for a million shekels or less in most cities, including the most desired city of Jerusalem, as well as some parts of the expensive Gush Dan region. In Haifa and Be’er Sheva, you can even buy an apartment for three to four hundred thousand shekels. Buyitinisrael went to ten cities to see what you could buy for a million shekels or less.

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Price of homes in Israel
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Why are homes in Israel so expensive?

A shortage of housing, an excessive amount of regulations, inefficient transportation systems, and a belief that prices will never come down. Why the cost of homes in Israel is so high. Anyone who takes a look at Israel real estate will quickly learn that homes in Israel are expensive. Extremely expensive. The average price of...

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