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Rising criticism of the government’s reduced-cost housing programs, discounts are expected to decrease

Eight years after the start of subsidized home purchase programs, the government is expected to reduce the scope of the discount by hundreds of thousands of shekels. Meanwhile, the Knesset and the OECD published critical opinions on the “Target Price” program, accusing it of exacerbating the housing crisis and widening gaps. The government’s subsidized housing...

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The rental market in Israel is about to experience a revolution

The approval of the upcoming state budget includes a number of revolutionary legislative adjustments that are expected to fundamentally change the rental sector. From the construction of towers containing hundreds of small housing units for rental only, to improve the economic feasibility of their construction, and a tax reform that will curb the tax evasion...

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Support for the periphery, construction in Judea and Samaria, and a new ultra-Orthodox city —the housing policy of the new government

A new government was launched last week, in which all the key positions in the housing sector were appointed to ultra-Orthodox or right-wing nationalist representatives. The first published coalition agreement between the Likud and Torah Judaism includes a series of clauses that benefits the ultra-Orthodox population and that may delay the construction of the Gush...

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