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An introduction to purchasing new construction in Israel

This episode kicks off the second season of On The House with a deep dive into purchasing new construction or ‘off-plan’ in Israel. Special guest Ellie Gertel, a Boston-born entrepreneur and founder of the Barav Real Estate Development company, shares his journey into the real estate industry in Israel, his company’s approach to development, and his insights on buying off-plan. This episode covers the role of the developer and the contractor, the benefits of new construction, payment terms, the significance of the madad (inflation index), and security measures to protect buyers. It also addresses potential risks, including developer bankruptcy or delayed projects, and offers advice on financing and choosing the right developer and contractor.

The discussion touches on the broader context of increased interest in Israeli real estate from Jews worldwide amidst rising anti-Semitism globally. Gertel reflects on the emotional and historical appeal of owning property in Israel and the unique aspects of the Israeli real estate market.

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