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Understanding what you’re buying off-plan

This third episode of the second season of On The House, which focuses on buying new construction in Israel, emphasizes the importance of understanding what you are purchasing before proceeding with the legal processes and the transaction. The episode features experienced interior designer Tamar Harow, who specializes in assisting clients, particularly those from abroad, in understanding the nuances of their purchases, from evaluating apartment plans to ensuring that the property meets their expectations. Discussions include the significance of verifying unit sizes and specifications, understanding technical documents, and the importance of planning for additional costs such as air conditioning, smart home capabilities, and customizations.

Tamar shares insights on working with builders, choosing the right finishes, and the cost-saving benefits of making changes early. The episode also touches on coordinating purchases and changes for clients living abroad and emphasizes the value of professional guidance through the buying process.

To contact Tamar Harow or learn more about her professional services, please visit her website.

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