Azurim selected for “pinui-binui” to build 300 new apartments in Old Katamon, Jerusalem

As part of the project for which Azorim was selected in a tender with Mimushim, 96 existing apartments in 8 buildings in the Jerusalem neighborhood, near the Greek and German Colonies, will be demolished. Among other things, they will establish a tenants’ club and green areas in the complex.

By Dror Nir Kastel, Nadlan Center


The Azurim company recently won a tenant tender with Mimoshim to carry out an urban renewal project in Jerusalem‘s old Katamon neighborhood. Within the framework of this project, 300 housing units will be built in place of the existing 96 units.

The project is located in the old Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem, close to the Greek and German settlements, the Hamsila Park, and the new light rail line connecting the southern and northern parts of the city. As part of the pinui-binui plan, 96 existing units in 8 existing buildings will be demolished in the complex, and 4-5 buildings will be built, with about 300 new units in textured construction alongside high-rise construction. The company stated that it is too early to specify a detailed floor height. In addition, the Azorim Company and Mamoshim will establish a tenants’ club and green spaces in the complex for the project’s tenants.

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Attorney Terry Delvia from the Delvia & Co. office represents the Azorims and Mimoshim companies in the project, and the tenants are represented by the Tal Kadri Shamir law firm and the Riesman Deutsch & Co. office.

Today, Azorim in Jerusalem promotes about 20 new projects, including over 4,500 new units. 5 of these projects are in advanced planning stages, among them the Guatemala complex with about 600 units, San Martin with about 300 apartments, Avshalom Habib with 250 apartments, and Golomb for about 400 apartments, with the Shalom Yehuda project expected to be vacated soon, and the start of construction is planned for the end of 2024. As part of the project, 48 housing units will be demolished, and 144 new housing units will be built. In addition, Azorim promotes five more projects nearing entry into the district committee, among them Herzl 70, Makor Haim, Yitzhak Sde 5-7, and Iceland-Columbia.

Eyal Tishel, VP of Urban Renewal at Azorim: “We are excited to collaborate again with Mimoshim on the Rabbi Meir project, which will triple the number of existing apartments in the old Katmon neighborhood. Azorim operates in 20 new projects, which include over 4,500 new units and are in various stages of planning and implementation. We see the renewal activity in the capital as a privilege and work to improve the tenants’ quality of life while preserving the familiar Jerusalem landscape.”

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