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Working with real estate agents in Israel

In the third episode of our opening season, Debbie Goldfischer hosts veteran agent and founding member of the Real Estate Association in Modi’in, Zev Schumacher to address the question “How can I buy real estate in Israel?”. Together we talk about working with agents, a topic that is especially important for those unfamiliar with the local market and business conduct in Israel. Zev highlights the benefits of working with an agent and discusses the agent’s role, from a buyer’s and seller’s perspective. He advises buyers on what to look for in an agent and discusses the issue of real estate agents’ commissions in Israel. He also shares insights on the structure of real estate offices in Israel and he stresses the importance of gaining professional guidance, especially for new construction projects.

To contact Zev Shumacher or see the properties he is marketing in Modi’in, please visit his website at https://shumacher.net.

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