“God willing, Beit Shemesh will be doubled”: The Housing and Construction Ministry formulates an umbrella agreement for constructing 30,000 apartments in the city

During a visit yesterday by Goldknopf, the Minister of Construction and Housing, it was agreed that a joint team would be established by the municipality and his Ministry to formulate the umbrella agreement to be signed with the municipality. Today, the city has about 170,000 residents. It was also reported that in the coming days, the Israel Land Authority will publish construction tenders for about 3,500 housing units in the city 

By Nadlan Center


Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Beit Shemesh Municipality have begun formulating a new roof agreement which will lead to the building of an additional 30,000 housing units in the city, a move that is expected to almost double the size of the city, which currently totals about 170,000 residents. The issue was discussed during Minister of Construction and Housing Yitzhak Goldknopf’s visit to the city yesterday (Tuesday) and a meeting with the new mayor, Shmuel Greenberg.

The Ministry of Housing and Construction said, “To promote the projects, it was agreed that a joint team will be established between the municipality and the Ministry of Construction and Housing. This team will work towards formulating a new umbrella agreement in the near future, aimed at significantly speeding up the addition of new housing units, budgeting for public buildings, assistance in infrastructure development, and addressing the issue of the city’s cemetery.” It was also reported that in the coming days, the Ministry of Housing and the Israel Land Authority (ILA) will publish the marketing of about 3,500 housing units in the Ramat Beit Shemesh Hey II neighborhood.

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Goldknopf and Greenberg’s working meeting was attended by the Agudat Israel Chairman in Beit Shemesh (Goldknopf’s party), Deputy Mayor Hanoch Drenger, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Planning and Building Committee in Beit Shemesh Shimon Goldberg, CEO of the Ministry of Construction and Housing Yehuda Morgenstern, CEO of the ILA Yanky Quint, the ministers’ Chief of Staff Moti Babchik, Jerusalem District Director at the Ministry of Housing Gadi Mark,  Beit Shemesh Municipality CEO Ohad Segev, the Mayors’ Chief of Staff Rivka Ravitz, and Acting City Engineer Ohad Cohen.

Yitzhak Goldknopf, Minister of Construction and Housing: “God willing, The city of Beit Shemesh will double in size. Alongside the new neighborhoods, emphasis will be placed on further developing the existing neighborhoods, ensuring a blend of new and old. Working alongside Mayor Shmuel Greenberg and his professional team, we will help Beit Shemesh reach its full potential and become one of Israel’s leading cities. The Ministry of Construction and Housing will assist and provide comprehensive assistance to all the needs and challenges facing the city.”

Shmuel Greenberg, the Mayor of Beit Shemesh: “I thank Housing Minister Rabbi Goldknopf for his support, guidance, concern, and unwavering commitment to Beit Shemesh. Since taking office, I have received outstanding cooperation from the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the ILA. Today, we conducted a significant work meeting to discuss the city’s development, advancement, and growth. I look forward to continuing fruitful cooperation for the benefit of all the city’s residents.”

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