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April real estate sales
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January real estate sales
Mabat HaShuk

January 2022 real estate sales — Mabat HaShuk

January saw a steady stream of real estate transactions as Covid raged throughout Israel (yes, the Buyitinisrael staff had it too!), record rain, snow, and low temperatures were recorded, and earthquakes off Cyprus were felt in Israel. The borders have reopened and foreign buyers are back, buying up homes at a rate that hasn’t been...

End of year home sales in Israel — Mabat Ha'Shuk December 2021
Purchase Tax for investors
How much are homes sold for in Israel?
Holiday deals
Mabat HaShuk

Holiday Deals: Mabat HaShuk September 2021

The month of September came and went like flash lightning. After an unusual summer with little international travel, few incoming tourists, and many parents homebound with quarantined children, most kids went back to school only for a few days before the high holidays arrived, almost unexpectedly. There was little energy to view properties and little...

Summer deals
Mabat HaShuk

Summer deals: Mabat HaShuk August 2021

Last month was not the typical August in Israel: Tourist levels were at an all-time low, infection levels hit record highs, Israeli travellers spent days on end in quarantine upon return from abroad, and families with young children were forced to test regularly and limit their activities. As we enter the Holiday season, we mourn...

real estate activity in israel
Mabat HaShuk

Real estate activity in Israel: Mabat HaShuk July 2021

As the Delta variant rages across the world, the Government has scrambled to slow down the spread of the virus in Israel using various means: Visitors from numerous countries have been banned; passengers from many places have been forced to quarantine upon arrival, even when fully vaccinated; and an aggressive campaign to give all 60-year...

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