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Mabat HaShuk

Mabat HaShuk: Real estate sales in Israel — August 2020

The following is a selection of real estate sales in Israel that were recently closed. This gives our readers a general idea of the residential market and the activity taking place around the country. Jerusalem: A 6-room villa, 178 sqm on 4 floors, located on Yair Street, Baka, was sold for NIS 5,950,000 (Jackie Bitensky...

Buy an apartment in Israel for a million shekels
Investment Insights

Where can you buy an apartment in Israel for a million shekels or less?

Despite the high cost of housing in Israel, it is possible to find apartments for a million shekels or less in most cities, including the most desired city of Jerusalem, as well as some parts of the expensive Gush Dan region. In Haifa and Be’er Sheva, you can even buy an apartment for three to four hundred thousand shekels. Buyitinisrael went to ten cities to see what you could buy for a million shekels or less.

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