A selection of real estate deals that took place in Israel — December 2020

Despite a quasi-lockdown, the holiday of Chanuka, and another lockdown, many deals, of all different sizes, closed around the country as the year 2020 came to a close.

The following is a selection of real estate deals that took place during the month of December 2020. The idea is to give our readers a general idea of the residential real estate market in Israel, property prices, and activities taking place around the country*.

Tel Aviv:

A newly renovated, 3-room apartment, 60 sqm, with a balcony on the first floor, with an elevator and underground parking, located on Manne Street, was rented for 8,000 NIS per month (Daon Group Real Estate).


A 4-room apartment, 104 sqm with an 11 sqm balcony, located on the 1st floor out of 6 floors on Zlocisti Street, in the Kikar Hamedina neighborhood, with an elevator in the building, was sold for 4,550,000 NIS. The apartment is in a building that is under TAMA 38. A 5-room penthouse-duplex, 160sqm with a 100 sqm balcony on the roof, located on the 5th and 6th floors on Burla Street, in the Tochnit Lamed neighborhood, was sold for 4,975,000 NIS. (Re/Max Ocean).


A 2.5 room apartment, 50 sqm, located on the first floor of a building located on Mordechai Elkachi Street in Armon HAnatziv, was sold for 1,290,000 NIS. The building has been approved for TAMA 38 which will add an additional 25 sqm to the apartment, a balcony of 6 sqm, an elevator, storage room, and parking space (Buyitinisrael).


A 6-room apartment, 163 sqm, on the 17th floor with a full sea view, located on Pierre Kenig Street, was sold for 3,000,000 NIS. A 150 sqm apartment with a 30 sqm balcony, located on the 5th floor in Briga Towers, Ir Yamim, was sold for 5,300,000 NIS. (Home in Israel).

Modi’in Maccabim Reut:

A 7-room private home, 240 sqm on a lot of 540 sqm on Har Hila Street, Macabbim, was sold for 5,750,000 NIS. A 5-room apartment, 140 sqm with a 40 sqm balcony, on Rivka Imeinu, in the Moria (South Buchman neighborhood), was sold for 3,750,000 NIS (Prime Time Realty).

A 5-room apartment, 150 sqm with a 16 sqm balcony, located on the 10th floor out of 14 floors in Dimri Towers, city center Modi’in, was sold for 2,395,000 NIS (Bayit Kal Nadlan).

Dimri Towers Modiin
Dimri Towers, Modi’in

Ma’ale Adumim:

A 5-room semi-attached home on three floors, 150 sqm, with 25 sqm meter porch, located on Almog Street in the Nofei Hasela neighborhood was sold for 2,150,000 NIS (Re/Max Atid).

Semi attached home in Maale Adumim
Semi-attached home in Ma’ale Adumim


A 5-room duplex apartment, 113 sqm, with balconies of 20 sqm, located on the 3rd floor on haMoriah Street, was sold for 1,490,000 NIS (Nadlan Ariel).

Homes in Ariel
Homes in Ariel

Ramat Beit Shemesh:

A 4-room apartment, 95 sqm, with an 11 sqm balcony, located on the 2nd floor in the Mishkafayim project, was sold for 1,780,000 NIS (Israel Properties).


A 3-room apartment, 75 sqm, with an 11 sqm balcony, located on the 1st floor out of 4 floors (no elevator) on Oren Street in New Romema, was sold for 975,000 NIS (Duet Nadlan).

* The office mentioned represented either the buyers, the sellers, or both parties.

The contents of this article are designed to provide the reader with general information and not to serve as legal or other professional advice for a particular transaction. Readers are advised to obtain advice from qualified professionals prior to entering into any transaction.

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